Low pressure floor toilets

Low pressure floor basins (LP, for the cistern on the toilet) in white, black or inox. With back or bottom siphon, back to wall or simple.

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High pressure floor toilets

High pressure floor toilets (HP, wall-mounted flushing) in white or black. With back or bottom siphon, back to wall or simple.

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Wall-mounted toilets

Wall-mounted toilets in different colors, which are easy to clean while saving space.

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With classic or modern design, urinals that are applied to the wall.

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Toilet Covers

Antibacterial toilet covers for all models (each toilet model has its own cover). Simple or heavy-duty, Soft Closing (with delayed closing)

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Wall-mounted Basins

Washbasins wall mounted, normal or corner. With a full or half column or no column.

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Ιnset Βasins

Inset basins that are fully incorporated into bathroom furniture. You should be careful that each piece of furniture gets its own washbasin insert.

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Overmounted Βasins

Overmounted basins that are integrated into the bench from the top side in such a way that their rim protrudes.

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Undermounted Basins

Undermounted washbasins are integrated into the bench from the underside with special supports so that there is no edge at all.

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Basin Columns

Whole washbasins (pedestal) or half (wall-mounted) sinks. You should be aware that each washbasin needs its own column.

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Floor Bidet

Bidet porcelain floor. If your space does not allow you to place a bidet, take a look at the Bidet Systems.

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