Soap Dispensers

Liquid soap dispenser (dispensers), wall or countertop.

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Granite sinks (ceramic or synthetic)

Granite sinks (ceramic or synthetic), inlaid or substitutable, with a bench (left or right) or without, one, two or two and a half troughs.

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Sink Accessories

Siphons, valves, drainage bowls and cutting boards,

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Rectangular Bathtubs

Bathtubs rectangular of various materials and dimensions, with or without handles, with apron or without.

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Angular Bathtubs

Angular bath tubs of acrylic, with or without handles, with apron or without.

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Bathtub Aprons

Bathtub Aprons- each bathtub model has its own apron.

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Handles-Bathtub Accessories

Bathtub Handles - Each bathtub model has its own handles.

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Whirlpool Bathtubs

Jacuzzi bathtubs, made of acrylic or cast iron, in various shapes and sizes. They feature plenty of accessories, pads, extra jet, support handles, temperature preservation system, underwater lighting, self-cleaning jets etc

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Sink siphons of all kinds, from the simplest and classic to modern high aesthetics for cases where the siphon is obvious.

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