Low pressure floor toilets

Low pressure floor basins (LP, for the cistern on the toilet) in white, black or inox. With back or bottom siphon, back to wall or simple.

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High pressure floor toilets

High pressure floor toilets (HP, wall-mounted flushing) in white or black. With back or bottom siphon, back to wall or simple.

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Wall-mounted toilets

Wall-mounted toilets in different colors, which are easy to clean while saving space.

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With classic or modern design, urinals that are applied to the wall.

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Πορσελάνινα Καζανάκια

Καζανάκια από πορσελάνη, μονής η διπλής ενέργειας για εξοικονόμηση νερού.

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Toilet Covers

Antibacterial toilet covers for all models (each toilet model has its own cover). Simple or heavy-duty, Soft Closing (with delayed closing)

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Basin Taps

Taps for the washbasin, of many kinds (with 1 or 3 holes, floating, wall, floor, electronic, self-closing, waterfall) and tastes (classic, retro, minimal)

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Bathtub Taps

Bathtub taps for all tastes: retro, minimal, classic, traditional, built-in or floor-mounted, thermostatic, electronic, waterfall etc. Trunk (without phone & spiral) or complete or in a packet with a rod and shower head.

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Shower Taps

Shower taps of different views (classic, retro, minimal, traditional) and different constructions (wall-mounted, built-in, thermostatic, electronic, self-closing).

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Shower Heads-Brackets

Shower heads mounted on the roof or on the wall, with or without arm, in various shapes (square, rectangular, oval or circular, with chromotherapy and multiple flow types (dense or sparse rain, sprays)

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Κιτ Ντούς

Κιτ που περιλαμβάνει την βέργα, το τηλέφωνο και το σπιράλ.

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Shower Phones

Shower phones for every taste: traditional, minimal or retro, fixed or adjustable flow. The most modern phones are aluminum phones that have a large adjustable flow head.

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Wall-mounted Distributors

Distributors for built-in, three, four and five-way batteries.

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Towel Racks

Single or double towel racks, fixed or folding, of different lengths.

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Towel rings in various shapes (square, rectangular, oval, circular) and materials (brass or stainless steel).

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Hooks single, double or multiple of brass or stainless steel.

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Soap Dispensers

Liquid soap dispenser (dispensers), wall or countertop.

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Καθρέπτες μπάνιου

Καθρέπτες μπάνιου για όλα τα γούστα, με ή χωρίς απλίκες (φωτιστικά), σε πολλές διαστάσεις, σχήματα, σχέδια και υλικά.

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Bath shelves for mirrors of various materials for all requirements (porcelain, wood, acrylic or crystal).

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Makeup mirrors

Makeup mirrors magnifiers, wall or bench, simple or with lighting.

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Toilet Paper Case

Open, closed (spare) or replacement (for second toilet paper).

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Piggle (basin cleaners)

Piggles placed on the wall or on the floor.

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Paper Bin

Bathroom paper bins in different sizes, shapes, type of opening, colors and materials.

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Sponge Cases

Bronze or stainless steel sponge cases, in a variety of designs and colors for all tastes.

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Πάγκοι επίπλου με νιπτήρα της επιλογής σας

Κανονικοί ή γωνιακοί πάγκοι επίπλου από διάφορα υλικά οι οποίοι μπορούν να συνδυαστούν με νιπτήρα των δικών σας αναγκών.

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Βάσεις επίπλου με νιπτήρα της επιλογής σας

Μοντέρνες ή κλασσικές βάσεις επίπλου (ντουλάπια κάτω μέρους) χωρίς νιπτήρα, γωνικές ή κανονικές, επιδαπέδιες ή επίτοιχες τις οποίες μπορείτε εσείς να συνδυάσετε με νιπτήρα της επιλογής σας.

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Μοντέρνα ή κλασσικά ντουλάπια (άνω μέρος) με καθρέπτη ή χωρίς τα οποία προσθέτουν χώρους αποθήκευσης και ολοκληρώνουν την εργονομία του μπάνιου.

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Κινούμενες (τροχήλατες) ή σταθερές συρταριέρες επίπλων μπάνιου,

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Στήλες μπάνιου με ανοιχτά ή κλειστά ράφια, για επιπρόσθετο χώρο αποθήκευσης.

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Κονσόλες επίπλων

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Φωτιστικά μπάνιου

Μοντέρνα ή κλασσικά φωτιστικά μπάνιου (απλίκες).

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Wall-mounted Basins

Washbasins wall mounted, normal or corner. With a full or half column or no column.

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Ιnset Βasins

Inset basins that are fully incorporated into bathroom furniture. You should be careful that each piece of furniture gets its own washbasin insert.

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Overmounted Βasins

Overmounted basins that are integrated into the bench from the top side in such a way that their rim protrudes.

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Undermounted Basins

Undermounted washbasins are integrated into the bench from the underside with special supports so that there is no edge at all.

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Basin Columns

Whole washbasins (pedestal) or half (wall-mounted) sinks. You should be aware that each washbasin needs its own column.

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Standing Faucets

Classic or modern, simple or with a shower (built-in or base), with a regular or high beak.

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Wall-mounted Faucets

Wall-mounted, classic or modern, with a regular, high or low beak.

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Rectangular Bathtubs

Bathtubs rectangular of various materials and dimensions, with or without handles, with apron or without.

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Ασύμμετρες Μπανιέρες

Μπανιέρες ασύμμετρες, από ακρυλικό, αριστερές ή δεξιές, με λαβές ή χωρίς, με ποδιά ή χωρίς.

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Angular Bathtubs

Angular bath tubs of acrylic, with or without handles, with apron or without.

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Οβάλ Μπανίερες

Μπανιέρες με υδρομασάζ, από ακρυλικό ή μαντέμι, σε διάφορα σχήματα και διαστάσεις. Διαθέτουν πλήθος αξεσουάρ, μαξιλαράκια, extra jet, λαβές στήριξης, σύστημα διατήρησης θερμοκρασίας, υποβρύχιο φωτισμό, αυτοκαθαρισμό των jet κλπ.

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Bathtub Aprons

Bathtub Aprons- each bathtub model has its own apron.

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Handles-Bathtub Accessories

Bathtub Handles - Each bathtub model has its own handles.

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Square Shower Trays

Square, regular or thin (slim), acrylic, porcelain or solid surface showers in various dimensions.

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Rectangular Shower Trays

Regular, thin or thin (slim), acrylic, porcelain or solid surface shower trays in different dimensions.

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Semi-circular Shower Trays

Angled (semi-circular), regular or thin (slim), acrylic, porcelain or solid surface, in different dimensions.

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Bathtub Cabinets

Bathtub cabinets in various types, shapes and dimensions, depending on the model of your bathtub and your needs. Stable, open (right or left), sliding, folding or combination of the above. Rectangular, semicircular, straight. Pay attention to the thickness of the crystal, the profile material and the quality of the support guides.

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Floor Bidet

Bidet porcelain floor. If your space does not allow you to place a bidet, take a look at the Bidet Systems.

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Wall Hung Bidet

Bidet porcelain wall mounted (hanged). If your space does not allow you to place a bidet, take a look at the Bidet Systems.

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Sink siphons of all kinds, from the simplest and classic to modern high aesthetics for cases where the siphon is obvious.

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Bidet Systems

A practical and economical solution is the bidet systems which are the special showers fitted next to the basin when our space does not allow the placement of a bidet.

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Disabled Seats

Seats (toilet covers) for people with special needs

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Disabled Accessories

Accessories for disabled people: Bathroom handles, supports, mirrors, etc.

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