Company Profile

The company TRITON - I. MAROULIS S.A. It was founded on March 20, 1976 and operates in the plumbing and tile industry. Offers a variety of integrated proposals and solutions for the bathroom, the kitchen and other areas. A member of IONIOS S.A. group.

Our company's items are a unique combination of high aesthetics and unrivaled build quality that arises from cooperation with leading our industry. In this area of ​​our business objective action is the satisfaction of conscious and demanding consumers, customers and partners.

The products of the company TRITON - I. MAROULIS S.A. noted for their elegance, their minimal design and high quality of modern materials. Harmoniously combine functionality and design, transforming the bathroom and kitchen in a personal experience that satisfies the senses and provide enjoyment, relaxation and wellness.

The collection company for bathroom represents a wide range of tiles and mosaics, sinks, basins, cabins and showers, bathtubs, bathroom fixtures, accessories, furniture and all kinds of batteries. At the same time, the company TRITON - I. MAROULIS S.A. you'll find suggestions for indoor and outdoor flooring, decorative stone, ceramic floors.

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