Shower Systems

There are a wide range of shower systems: Wall or ceiling mounted, shower columns, shower rods, telephone strings, spouts, waterfalls, cannulae, switches, wall board, spiral.

Shower Heads-Brackets

Shower heads mounted on the roof or on the wall, with or without arm, in various shapes (square, rectangular, oval or circular, with chromotherapy and multiple flow types (dense or sparse rain, sprays)

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Shower Columns

The shower columns consist of a rod with a movable shower support, telephone and spiral, and sometimes with a shower head and / or a jet hydro massage.

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Κιτ Ντούς

Κιτ που περιλαμβάνει την βέργα, το τηλέφωνο και το σπιράλ.

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Simple or waterfalls that complement the shower system and Outflows (Ruxunia).

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Shower Phones

Shower phones for every taste: traditional, minimal or retro, fixed or adjustable flow. The most modern phones are aluminum phones that have a large adjustable flow head.

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Spiral in different lengths (from 1.25m to 2.30m), materials (plastic, stainless), qualities (simple, heavy type) and colors.

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Shower rods

Shower rods that include movable shower stands and sometimes phone, spiral and soap dispenser.

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Shower Holders

Fixed wall mounted props, with or without water supply.

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Wall-mounted Distributors

Distributors for built-in, three, four and five-way batteries.

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