Porcelain or inox toilets, floor or wall, toilet covers and wall urines. With the cistern on them (Low Pressure) or on the wall (High Pressure), simple or back to wall (the side walls touch the wall).

Low pressure floor toilets

Low pressure floor basins (LP, for the cistern on the toilet) in white, black or inox. With back or bottom siphon, back to wall or simple.

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High pressure floor toilets

High pressure floor toilets (HP, wall-mounted flushing) in white or black. With back or bottom siphon, back to wall or simple.

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Wall-mounted toilets

Wall-mounted toilets in different colors, which are easy to clean while saving space.

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Set Toilet-Cistern-Cover

With a 3-in-1 option, you can have complete sets consisting of the Toilet, the Cistern and the Cover.

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With classic or modern design, urinals that are applied to the wall.

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Toilet Covers

Antibacterial toilet covers for all models (each toilet model has its own cover). Simple or heavy-duty, Soft Closing (with delayed closing)

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