Kitchen Mosaics

Ceramic, glass or marble for every budget and taste. All shapes (square, rectangular, circular, octagonal, asymmetrical) in different colors, sizes and surfaces (matt, glossy, lappato, gypsum).

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Hatz Group HGB1104680161 

Hatz Group HGB4104930031 

Hatz Group HGB4104930091 

Hatz Group HGB4104930021 

Hatz Group HGB4104930001 

Hatz Group HGB1104930151 

Hatz Group HGB1104930141 

Hatz Group HGB1104930131 

Hatz Group HGB1104930371 

Hatz Group HGB1104930373 

Hatz Group HGB1105320041 

Hatz Group HGB1104760131 

Hatz Group HGB1104760121 

Page 1 of 2 / 33 products found

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*except of the stone decorations