Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories include a variety of classic options such as soap dishes and towel racks, for example, but also towel racks, rings, dispensers, candlesticks, makeup mirrors, heated towel rails, and more. Many solutions are available specifically for places with frequent attendance (stations, hotels, airports, shopping centers), for example stainless steel with increased life expectancy, people with disabilities, etc.

Towel Racks

Single or double towel racks, fixed or folding, of different lengths.

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Towel rings in various shapes (square, rectangular, oval, circular) and materials (brass or stainless steel).

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Hooks single, double or multiple of brass or stainless steel.

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Soap Dispensers

Liquid soap dispenser (dispensers), wall or countertop.

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Καθρέπτες μπάνιου

Καθρέπτες μπάνιου για όλα τα γούστα, με ή χωρίς απλίκες (φωτιστικά), σε πολλές διαστάσεις, σχήματα, σχέδια και υλικά.

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Bath shelves for mirrors of various materials for all requirements (porcelain, wood, acrylic or crystal).

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Makeup mirrors

Makeup mirrors magnifiers, wall or bench, simple or with lighting.

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Toilet Paper Case

Open, closed (spare) or replacement (for second toilet paper).

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Piggle (basin cleaners)

Piggles placed on the wall or on the floor.

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Paper Bin

Bathroom paper bins in different sizes, shapes, type of opening, colors and materials.

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Sponge Cases

Bronze or stainless steel sponge cases, in a variety of designs and colors for all tastes.

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Σετ αξεσουάρ μπάνιου

Σετ αξεσουάρ μπάνιου. Το σετ περιλαμβάνει συνήθως κρίκο, άγκιστρο, πετσετοκρεμάστρα και χαρτοθήκη.

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Bathroom Handles

Handles on the wall of the bathroom - plain or even with a soap tray, in various shapes and materials.

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Dryers for the hands as well as for the public areas and the areas with great traffic (gyms, hotels etc)

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