We select the best products for the personal area of ​​your bathroom, always keeping in mind your needs for quality and aesthetics. Our collection includes toiletries from famous manufacturers, Greek quality furniture handle ergonomically your area, and fully utilize the capacity of the furniture, with proper allocation of the available spaces. The possibility of special orders even enhance your available space of the bathroom as cupboard over the laundry, and other special structures, according to your own personal choice.


Porcelain or inox toilets, floor or wall, toilet covers and wall urines. With the cistern on them (Low Pressure) or on the wall (High Pressure), simple or back to wall (the side walls touch the wall).

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Bathroom washbasins of all types, colors and shapes. Marble, porcelain, solid surface and crystal, stainless. With a thin or thick rim, with a deep or shallow trough, with or without bench. Table countertops (mounted, submerged, free fitting), adjustable to the furniture (inlaid, semi-suspended), with or without stand ).

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Basen, bathtubs, shower taps, cabinets, bidet and all shower fittings (Shower Systems): Shower Phones, Spirals, Shower Head, Rods, Brackets, etc. For every taste and wallet: classic, retro, minimal with 1 or 3 holes, Wall, floating, floor, thermostatic, electronic, autoclave, waterfall cascade.

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Bidets made of porcelain, placed either on the wall (hanging) or on the floor.

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Shower Systems

There are a wide range of shower systems: Wall or ceiling mounted, shower columns, shower rods, telephone strings, spouts, waterfalls, cannulae, switches, wall board, spiral.

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Bathtubs of various shapes (angular, asymmetrical, rectangular and free-fitting), sizes (from 1.20m to 2.00m) and materials (acrylic, cast iron, solid surface)

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Shower Trays

Stylish and modern shower trays, designed in various shapes (square, rectangular, semi-circular or oval) and various materials (acrylic, porcelain, solid surface or marble).

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Various smart choices exist in the shower or bathtub cabinets. Choose the cabin that suits you through shower trays of various shapes (square, rectangular, semicircular, straight, etc.) and items (sliding, folding fixed or opening). Do not forget to pay attention to the profile material and the quality of the support materials and the crystals.

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The whirlpool bath offers the same beneficial results as the spa. With whirlpool baths or jets that distribute water or air, or both at the same time, the beneficial effects are multiple with the main result of relaxation and wellness. Costs start from € 300 for simpler hydration systems and exceed € 10,000 for state-of-the-art Jacuzzi.

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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories include a variety of classic options such as soap dishes and towel racks, for example, but also towel racks, rings, dispensers, candlesticks, makeup mirrors, heated towel rails, and more. Many solutions are available specifically for places with frequent attendance (stations, hotels, airports, shopping centers), for example stainless steel with increased life expectancy, people with disabilities, etc.

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Bathroom Furnitures

Bathroom furniture of different dimensions, specially designed for each space. You have the option of choosing pieces of furniture from the very beginning or otherwise moving to a set of bathroom furniture of all kinds (angular, hanging on the wall, floor, with one or two washbasins) and the views (modern, classic and / Minimal). The choices in the construction material are here as well, since they are made of crystal, solid wood, synthetic melamine and many more.

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Toilet Cisterns

Cisterns of all types: external or fitted, plastic or porcelain, fluoreschers (with pushbutton) and mechanisms (spare parts).

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Disabled Equipment

The essential items of hygiene, accessories, batteries, shower trays, seats for people with disabilities (people with disabilities)

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The plumbing accessories accompany the sanitary items: simple and automatic valves (bath, shower, washbasin), switches (corner, washing machine), washbasin siphons, shower trays and bathrooms, water filters, spiral connection, heaters of all kinds, bathroom radiators.

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