We select the best products for the personal area of ​​your bathroom, always keeping in mind your needs for quality and aesthetics. Our collection includes toiletries from famous manufacturers, Greek quality furniture handle ergonomically your area, and fully utilize the capacity of the furniture, with proper allocation of the available spaces. The possibility of special orders even enhance your available space of the bathroom as cupboard over the laundry, and other special structures, according to your own personal choice.

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The kitchen area should be well designed and has many features that make your kitchen functional, organized and neat. In our company you will find a wide variety of sinks, kitchen sinks and batteries, at the best market prices, which will ensure you the best possible choice for your own personal space. During your visit to our shop, it is advisable to bring along samples of the cabinets and the countertop of your kitchen, so the choice and combination of items for your kitchen is ideal for your own space.

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Select the tiles through our impressive variety of designs and colors of the collection, and give your room character and style that you want. Classic style with warm and soft earthy tones, trendy with vibrant bright colors, minimalist with the absolute luxury of simplicity in a modern bathroom with impeccable aesthetic design. With an infinite variety of color combinations, materials, textures and dimensions over time and create unmatched aesthetic bathrooms, a remarkably low prices, in line with the current economic conditions of our time.

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The glass tesserae and the tiles of our collection for swimming pools are available in a variety of colors, smooth or non-slip surfaces and are ideal for lining pools. Accompanied by decor and borders to create the aesthetic effect desired for your own personal space.

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